So, here I am at 38 and I have absolutely no idea how I got here.  It’s like how everyone hates going
to Wal-Mart but at some point, you end up there anyway.  In my twenties, I thought getting older was
to be dreaded, but actually, I think your thirties is when you really start to get the hang of things.  In fact, here’s 20 reasons I am even more awesome now than ever before:

  1. I know who my friends are.  I also know who my acquaintances are and am finally wise enough to know the difference.  For more on how to develop the wright friendships, check out my post, The Beggar’s Cup
  2. I have learned to laugh at myself.  Who cares if I snort when something funny catches me off guard or I make up words thinking they are legit…they should be!
  3. I’m over it!  Troy ditching me in 5th grade for my frienemy was his loss.  Seriously though, once I truly gave God all the hurts I’d accumulated along the way, He healed them and scars don’t seem as bad as wounds.  Where once there was shame, mistrust and fear, there is now forgiveness, understanding and peace.  Remembering events from my past isn’t painful anymore, they are simply the bricks that made me who I am today.
  4. I have kids to help with the housework.  I hate to dust and at 38, I don’t have to!
  5. I take the time to consider criticism from friends and am slowly learning to ignore it from everyone else.
  6. I don’t have to be tan all the time.  Who needs that pressure?
  7. I’m more confident than ever before.  Not the kind of confident that comes because my hair has it going on or I’m struttin’ a new outfit.  The genuine, stick-around kind that can’t be shaken by the enormous zit that’s made it’s debut on my chin (yeah, still getting those at 38.  Like Tina Fey, I have the chin of a teenager!).  I still  have my moments of course, but the more time I spend with the Lord, the more beautiful I feel and the more confidence I display.  It’s the reason I can say…
  8. I finally love my body.  It’s healthy.  It’s happy.  It’s adored by my husband.
  9. I can tell people “no.”  Would you like for me to elaborate?  No, I won’t.
  10. I worry less.  I wouldn’t say I don’t worry at all, but definitely much less.  Turns out, the more time I spend with God, the more I trust Him.  Spending time with God seems to conquer a lot of my problems; wish I’d have realized that in my 20s!
  11. I’ve learned it’s okay to not know what you want to be when you grow up.  I still don’t know.  Is it too late to be a fighter pilot?
  12. I can run errands without any make-up on.  That’s something I would have never done in my twenties.  Has my face gotten better?  Nope. I just figure that if you know me, then you know what I look like when I’m fixed up and if you don’t know me then why should I care what you think?
  13. I care less what others think.
  14. I don’t have to eat like a lady all the time.  In my twenties, I ate cute little salads s-l-o-w-l-y so I wouldn’t finish eating before any guys at the table.  Now, I’m trying to beat my husband to the last hot wing! You do not want to get between me and hot wings!
  15. I talk to myself and no one cares because that’s what old people do.  I’m really good company, by the way!
  16. I’m no longer waiting on…the perfect guy, job, house, kids, etc.  I’m simply enjoying right now.
  17. I accept help from others.  Gone is the girl who didn’t need a man and could do everything on her own.  I know my strengths and weaknesses.  I’ve realized that where I struggle, my husband and friends excel and by accepting their help, I’m getting even more awesome every day.
  18. No one expects me to be cool, so if I am, great and if not, I get a pass.  I love cardigans.  I say “awesome,” like it’s still the 90s.  Want to see my playlist?  I’m not ashamed that I rock out to *NSync and George Michael.  I watch the History channel on purpose and am in bed by 9:30.  That’s how I roll.
  19. I know who I am.  I’m a people-loving, rule-following girl (guess I’ll always consider myself a girl) who loves Jesus.  I think too much but laugh a lot too.  I’m dorky, honest, loyal, and a good friend who loves to talk and adores run-on sentences.
  20. I like who I am.  It took 38 years to be able to say that but I finally can and that’s worth every line and grey hair.

Job 12:12 says, “Is not wisdom found among the aged?  Does not long life bring understanding?”  So, if we are this awesome in our 30s, just imagine how incredible we will be in our 60s!