“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”  John 10:10

Today was like
many other summer days; we spent the morning on a project (cleaning out closets)
and the afternoon rewarding ourselves with a swim at my parent’s house. I
highly recommend having a friend or relative with a pool close by. Anyway,
before swimming the kids always check the pool strainer for frogs to be
rescued. I’m not sure if it’s the chemicals or just not having solid ground for
a little r&r, but frogs don’t last long in the strainer. 

Gracie encountered a stubborn little frog that just refused to be helped. As
soon as she would lift him from the pool and place him in the safety of the
grass, he’d jump right back into the pool again. Knowing the fate of so many
other pool frogs before him, Gracie was devastated. She kept saying, “I’m
trying to save you, frog. I’m trying to help you.”  

her concern, I thought of the one who saved me. How hurt He must be when, after
being saved, we return to the life He died to rescue us from. That life may
feel as familiar as cold water to a frog but God has something better for us. 

this frog couldn’t see is that my parents have a beautiful lake just a few
jumps away. He was settling for the toxic, man-made pool that was never
intended for him when, all the while, there was something better. 

John 10:10, God says He came not just to give us life but an abundant life.
But, we’ll never see that abundant life if we jump back into a life that’s
toxic for us. It may be scary to take a leap of faith when the lake is nowhere
in view, but it’s worth it. Let’s quit settling for the pool and follow God to
the lake!

P.S. – Just as we
were about to leave for the afternoon, our little froggy friend swam straight
to Gracie (seriously) and allowed her to scoop him up and place him in the
grass.  He looked determined to stay out
of the pool this time.  J